About Us

Our Mission

We are a Bay Area foundation with a goal of catalyzing positive change through restoring and protecting nature, supporting underserved entrepreneurs and strengthening the resiliency of our communities.

Our Values

Makahakama Foundation’s values reflect the values and ideals of our family, including our love of Hawaiʻi. They guide and inspire all of our work, from our operations, to grantmaking and our partnerships with the communities that we serve.

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Respect & Gratitude

We have respect and gratitude for the diversity of humanity and the land, waters and ecosystems that sustain life and enable all beings to thrive. This mindset drives us to prioritize collaboration over individualism and build open, trusting relationships with grantees, funders and partners.

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We embrace debate, diverse perspectives, and new information with empathy and an open mind. We rigorously integrate these learnings into our strategies in order to accomplish our mission.

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Love, Equity & Inclusion

Our love for all beings is at the root of our application of an equity lens to our grantmaking and impact investing. We take extra steps to understand the causes and address the impacts of racial, social and environmental injustice.

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Grit & Perseverance

We are committed to doing the work necessary to advancing our goals, recognizing that real change requires focus, effort and adaptation as we learn from our successes and failures.

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We believe in the power and resiliency of people and the planet and with the right actions and support, believe all life on earth can thrive.